Complete property refurbishment for Lis and Evanna, Pevensey

Complete property refurbishment for Lis and Evanna, Pevensey

Working alongside Niche Interior Designs, we renovated this beautiful seaside home in Pevensey. As seen in Latest Homes Magazine.

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"Karl.... he displayed such energy and enthusiasm for the project that we knew that he and his team were right for the job."

Lis Bundock

Here Lis and Evanna talk to Andrew Kay, from Latest Homes about the project.

How did you make contact with Caroline and with 360 Home?

Caroline converted our friend’s apartment in Seven Dials and we loved her work. once we had contacted Caroline, she recommended 360 based on previous experience of working with them. When we met Karl, he displayed such energy and enthusiasm for the project that we knew that he and his team were right for the job.

Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted to achieve at Wavecrest?

We were a little overwhelmed by the size and scale of the project. The house was last sold in 1937 and hadn’t been maintained since the sixties; it was in terrible condition. We knew that we wanted a clean and contemporary beach look where we could enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and entertain friends. Caroline worked with us to bring this shared vision to the life and really over delivered bringing flair and fresh ideas. Together with Karl in 360 they gave us confidence the house could be transformed into a modern, relaxed holiday home.

What did both the designers and the builders bring to the project that you did not expect?

There were some unexpected complications with aspects of the build; both Caroline and Karl were extremely good at problem solving these together. Often without us even knowing there was a problem until there was a solution.

Was the process of creating the brief an easy one, how was that conducted?

We started first with conceptual designs, once we were happy with these the detailed structural drawings were created. After this, Caroline’s flair for interior design came through in her concept/mood boards, enabling us to really grasp what the property would ultimately become.

Were they sensitive to all of your needs and demands?

Yes, throughout the project Karl and Caroline worked with us to create a space within our budget, they often came up with more economic ways of tackling issues so that we maintained budget for the interior design.

Often when a project is underway a client will ask for changes, did this happen and did they accommodate them?

The level of change on the design was minimal, largely because Caroline and Karl spent time with us at the start of the project ensuring the design and planning was right, this time was essential to the success of the project. However, with any building project as big as this, surprises occurred as the house was stripped back and years of under maintenance was revealed. In addition we found two wells in the back yard which required a rethink to the initial extension design.

Everyone has a budget, how well did they stick to that?

Really well, both Karl and Caroline were creative and helped us stick to budget despite some additional work required.

Everyone has an expected time frame, how well did they stick to the schedule?

There was some slippage due to the wells at the back that was outside the control of the builders, however, the house was worth waiting for and we absolutely love how it has been transformed by Karl and Caroline.

I believe that the project was intended to be a holiday home, but surely you want to move in permanently?

Our intention is to use Wavecrest as much as possible; however, we want to share this home with others, the proximity to the sea makes it a wonderful place to chill out after a busy week. Families and friends will enjoy this relaxing, open plan space and make great use of the beach garden for barbeques and long walks on the beach.


Wavecrest Beach House is available for rentals, for more information go to

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