Side Return Extension for Dave and Jess

Side Return Extension for Dave and Jess

Dave and Jess have a young family and needed more kitchen space for their home.

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"They (360 Home) have created an amazing space that has surprised all of our friends in terms of how much space can be achieved in a Hanover house."

Jess Overton

Tell us a little bit about your project? What was your initial idea?

We live in a very typical ‘Hanover house’ – small lounge, small dining room and tiny kitchen on the downstairs. We’ve lived here for some years and now have two pre-school children. I love living in this house, in this street, in this area and in this city however it was becoming much too small. We considered extending upwards into the attic but I realised that what would make the most difference would be an extension on the ground floor, which is where we spend most of our time.

I have always wanted a kitchen that we could eat and socialise in. As loads of our friends now come with kids of their own this meant that we needed more space than the classic extension into the side return would offer as the length of our kitchen was relatively small. The plan consisted of knocking down the internal wall dividing the hall from the dining room and the external wall dividing the dining room from the garden, close off the side return and create one large kitchen/ diner with all of that space.

Which inevitably led you to looking for a building company. What was important to you when choosing your contractor?

We got three quotes – all similar prices. 360 Home had worked on a neighbour’s house and they spoke highly of them. They also invited us to go and look at another, similar project to our own. The owners of that home also spoke highly of them.

Obviously, when carrying out work on your home, you’ll have very definite ideas about what you want and how the final project will look. Do you feel that 360 Home helped you to translate your ideas?

I felt that Karl understood my vision and the elements that were ‘non-negotiable’. He gave me specific ideas on how to bring costs down based on building knowledge that I don’t have. I feel that we worked together in designing the final points of the end project, in order that we remain in budget.

Finally, would you recommend 360 Home to others?

I would definitely recommend 360 Home to others and welcome people to come and see my house if they’re considering using them. They have created an amazing space that has surprised all of our friends in terms of how much space can be achieved in a Hanover house.

Comment from Karl:

Having young children ourselves, we understand how space is a premium.  In addition having worked in the Hanover area for several years we feel we have gained an understanding of the houses, the area and the requirements of the occupants.  Working alongside Jess and Dave we were able to create a functional kitchen and dining space for them to enjoy with their family and friends.  We love the bright colour choice and the fantastic tiles – it sets the house apart from others and looks cheery and inviting.  We hope Jess and Dave enjoy many years of socialising in their kitchen space.